High Quality Leads, Low Cost and No Long-Term Contracts

We're Lead Experts

Every Lead Requested a Solar Quote
We Don't Run BS or Click Bait Ads
Our Leads Convert like Apppointments

Where do the Leads Come From?


We have a mix of landing pages and websites we send keyword based traffic via Pay-Per-Click and Organic Search. People looking up things like 'Best Solar Company' or '0 down solar' for example


Just like Google, Bing has paid traffic and organic rankings. We notice a lot of users born before 1970 use Bing over Google, so we make sure we show up


Yahoo runs ads. Whether it's in search or in an someone's Email inbox. We leverage Yahoo and 20+ other smaller but similar to Google and Bing platforms


Ever thought about something or looked up something and got an ad for it right away? Yeah, if you talk about solar or think about it, you'll see one of our beautiful ads


Instagram is the same ad platform as Facebook but the app and user demographic is a bit different. Either way, we find a lot of interested people running ads here and leveraging influencers


Linkedin is a great way to network for professionals, we get referral relationships set up with pros in Real Estate, Insurance and other fields. We even get Solar leads just by reaching out and asking a regular user if they are interested.


Affiliate Marketers are people who do the following for a living or a side hustle. They blast out our offer to their audience and we pay them per verified lead.

Data Exchange

If you need Homeowner Data, we work with hundreds of Data Brokers, Companies and Exchanges to get highly targeted and Niche data.
Own Your Market

Put Panels On More Roofs Without Spending a Ton

Just because we sell leads for less than our competitors, doesn't mean the quality is less. In fact, the quality is higher. We sell for less because we generate leads for 5-10x Less than our competitors do. How? Better Ads, Better Affiliate Relationships and More Experience

What Makes Us Different

We Want to Partner With You.

Not Just 'Sell Leads' to You

We're in this for the long haul and that's why we do the following

Month-To-Month Contracts. No Long Term. We Re-Earn Your Business
Lower Pricing than the Competition. Higher Quality than the Competition
When we say EXCLUSIVE LEADS - we actually mean that
Close More Solar Deals

Get More Solar Customers

We are Experts at Lead Gen