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We offer live transfers and set appointments to our VIP clients. This is limited by market & availability

Fresh Leads

Our Team of Lead Generation Experts get PPC, FB, Instagram, TikTok Leads and we leverage Affiliate Marketers as well

Aged Leads

We have access to hundreds of thousands of aged Solar Leads from a variety of sources. These are super low cost too

Targeted Data

Looking for targeted Homeowner data to use for marketing, door knocking, mailing or something els

Close More Solar Deals

High Tech Solutions for a High Tech Industry

Choose From Aged 24 Hours to 18 Months

Filterable Lead Data Points

Full Name
Email Address
Phone Number
Property Address
Current Provider
Monthly Utility Bill

Solar Lead Data Points

Availability Based on Market. 

Exclusive and Shared Lead Options

Full Name
Email Address
Phone Number
Property Address
Reason For Solar
Current Provider
Monthly Utility Bill
Financing Preferred
Best Contact Method
Prefers in Person or Remote Pitch

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Award Winning Lead Generation Experts

Higher Quality at a Lower Cost
SMS/Email Drip Follow Ups
Exclusive Leads Available
No Long Term Contracts
Lead Management CRM
We have a Zapier App
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Our Story

It all happened when a pair of Real Estate Lead Generation experts met a pair of Solar experts and joined forced to create the best Solar Lead platform out there. Having generated millions of homeowner buyer and seller leads, it only made sense to tap into solar. The results were an instant hit. The Solar lead and tech industry is somewhat behind other industries we noticed. So we wanted to create something that anyone in solar could afford but is also super-high quality. We decided to offer different levels and types of leads to fit all budgets, business structures and rep styles. Our goal and promise is simple: getting you more clients at a big ROI

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Solar Experts

I started with solar lead depot 3 months ago and I am l now consistently closing another 5-10 deals a month and I am spending less than $2k to do this. I will be upping my budget soon

Sam Z
Solar Rep

I have a call center that has been calling on homeowner data for the last 2 years. I bought the aged leads of SLD and my numbers have literally 20-30x what they were before

Charles M
Business Owner

I keep my reps busy and the leads convert pretty high. I would say 1 in 3 we are in the house of a qualified homeowner and my guys close over half of them.

Marc P
Solar Business Owner

I'm at around 2-3 appointments on my calendar a day and I am closing most of them. Seriously, some days I close every appointment you guys send me.

Antoine Huffmann
Solar Rep

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